Pic shows: In April – Team Tvis Holstebro „We’re ready for another trip to Russia 💪🏼👊🏼👏🏼 ‪#‎finale‬“.

A women’s handball team celebrated their victory in an unusual way by posing naked in the shower with their trophy.

The female members of the Tvis Holstebro team from Denmark then scored an online hit when they posted the picture of them in the shower cubicle online for fans.

The girls had won the EHF cup and came up with the idea of making their victory even sweeter with the unique photo.

The carefully positioned shot shows the girls successfully managing to cover anything too indecent using their hands – and the cup – to cover up each other’s breasts, before taking the picture.

They are clearly delighted about their victory, judging by their wide smiles in the the photograph.

Many online users praise it as a work of art, saying other sporting teams should celebrate their victories in the same way.

The picture has made Tvis Holstebro a real hit on social networks were it quickly went viral.

The women’s team twice defeated the Russian Lada Togliati (30:25 and 31:27) to win the EHF Cup, an official competition for women’s handball clubs of Europe.

It takes place every year, from September to May and was the first contest to be organised by the European Handball Federation (EHF) in 1981.

The Danish Team Tvis Holstebro is a handball club from the town Holstebro located in western Denmark.


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